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Amber & Queen
Our girl Amber is a phenomenal producer. She has the looks and attitude of a mare half her age. Amber’s forte is producing refined foals with long hooky necks and huge expressive eyes. She consistently produces mostly fillies.

I just love this mare, she has the sweetest disposition. She walks right up to you in the pasture for a scratch or rub. I even put the kids on her to lead around the pasture!

Amber goes back to Whitmaaks Mikey Mouse and twice to Gold Melody Boy on her sire’s side. This is where she gets the beautiful head she puts on her foals. She also goes back to Chocolatico on her dam's side. Chocolatico is an important foundation sire and also the grandsire to National Grand Champion, First Knights Redi or Not, who is owned by Jonathan Whitt. Amber's maternal grandsire is J Js Little Macho.

Amber was bred to Triple Ks Boogies Echo Man. Amber foaled on July 7, 2009 we call him Macho Man.  This colt is everything you look for in a miniature. 
See more pictures on our Colts page. 
Sonrisas Lil Peanut  X  Lady Luck

DOB: 4/22/1992        HT: 33.5 inches    COLOR:Sorrel
Registered:    AMHA #A47997            AMHR #31331A
Little Kings Double Extasy X Reeces Foxfires Simply Irristable

DOB: 4/15/2003HT: 32 inches        COLOR: Chestnut
Registered:                AMHA #A140378            AMHR # 253658T
Queen is also a National top 10 Winner.  She is sired by Little Kings Double Extasy, a top 2 National Yearling Stallion. 

Queen possesses a royal pedigree filled with the “Who’s Who” of the miniature horse world. Horses such as 4X Gold Melody Boy (Foundation Sire); Boones little Buckeroo (3x Nat. Grand Champion); Komokos Little Champ (Sire to Nat. Champions); Alvadars Double Destiny (Multiple Nat. Grand Champion); Little Kings Buckeroo Times Two (Sire to National Champions); Rowdy (Foundation Sire); Bond Sir Galahad (Foundation Sire) and the list goes on. 

You can look for Queen's 2009 foal, Princess, located on our "Fillies" page.
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                                                                                        Gold Melody Boy
                                      Wittmaacks Mickey Mouse
                                                                                        Johnstons Silver
Sonrisas Lil Peanut
                                                          Johnstons All Star
                                      Miss Ellie
                                                         Wittmaacks Missy
                                                                                        Chocos Little Specks Red  Boy  
                                      J JS Little Macho
                                                                                        Chocos Little Lady
Lady Luck
                                        Brandys Spots                                       
                                                                                        Little Kings Buckkeroo Times Two
                                      Alvadars Double Destiny
                                                                                        Mini Bits Shady Lady
Little Kings Double Estasy
                                                          Boones Little Buckeroo
                                      Little Kings Buckeroo Estasy
                                                         Komokos Love Lace
                                                                                        WCS Mir Lucky  
                                      Luckys Fancy Foxfire
                                                                                         Precious Doll
Reeses Foxfires Simply Irrisistable
                                                                                         Bond Pippin
                                       Little Rascals  Cajun Queen                                      
                                                            Lazy Acres Dinnerbell
Bar U5 Miniature Horses
Amber's 2009 foal
Queen's 2009 Filly
Foaled  2/8/2009
Broken MS Amber Delight
RFM Extasys Buckeroo Queen
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